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Jaden's Biography

Jaden Bramelus, a dynamic and vibrant nine year old, is an international gospel singer and song writer. Driven by his passion for singing and his love for God, Jaden has been expressing himself through live performances since age 3. Committed to building his music career, Jaden released his first CD entitled Lakay ''Bon Die Gin Espwa'' (in Gods House there is Hope) in march 2012. The debut of his CD drew a crow of over 600 people and sold more 5000 albums.


Jaden was born in the United States but has been raised in a Christian Haitien household. The second youngest child, Jaden has two brothers and one sister, He is in the fourth grade and and is an A student. His teachers enjoy having in him their class and appreciate his willingness to always help his classmates in need. He has a fun and outgoing personality is very caring and loves to share with others.


like most nine year olds, Jaden enjoys playing video games, reading and watching television. However there is nothing typical about him. His commitment and dedication rival that of successful people demonstrated by his enrollment in vocal lessons and unceasing practicing. A natural on the stage and a true performer, Jadens vocals are incredibly powerful and his presence is captivating. His performances have been compared to adult artists; listeners feel uplifted, comforted and inspired. No one walks away the same after witnessing one of Jaden's show. As a multi talented artist, his musical talents extend to several instruments;the bass which he plays with his school band, the piano and the keyboard.


Heavily influenced by his songstress mother and manager Lorna Paul and inspired by artists like Whitney Houston, Josh Groban, Tasha Cobbs, Jonathan Nelson. Jaden has written 2 songs on his current CD. He continues to perform around the world in countries like Canada, Bahamas, and throughout the United Stated. No stranger to a large crowd Jaden has performed for as many as 4000 people at mega churches. To experience Jaden's powerful anointing and vocals, go to his facebook page at www.facebook/jadenministry, his youtube channel at www.youtube.com/jadenministry




Phone : 954 643 69 90