About Prophet Jeremiah Wyre.


People around the globe now knows Prophet Jeremiah Isaiah Wyre as a Healer, Deliverer, Evangelist, Gospel Teaching Preacher and Prophecy Reader. Yet there is much more to the story of this man and his deliverance healing ministry who has impacted the life of his followers for more than a decade with his prophetic revelations, life saving miracle working message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.





 Prophet Jeremiah Isaiah Wyre was born on March 2, 1969 in the Caribbean Island of St. John’s Antigua located in the British West Indies, where his family roots originated and resided for many years. Not long after his tenth birthday Prophet Jeremiah relocated with his Mom Mrs. Ineta Perry-Carr and siblings to the U.S. Virgin Islands.


In February of 1989 Prophet Jeremiah Wyre’s life took on an entirely new meaning when he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.  As he followed the Prayers and Teachings of his now deceased mother he began reading the bible more intensely, and soon afterwards he was called to teach the word and minister the gospel of Christ to lost souls.


Young Jeremiah Wyre received a vision from the Lord in 1991 and followed the directives from the words which he heard to pursue his calling.


“I’ve a work for you to do my Son, take heed: if you do not Study, Preach, and Teach my word as I’m directing you to do, you will die. It will now be your responsibility to deliver Every Possessed Soul that you come in contact with under the anointed healing gift that I’ve given you”.


On December 12, 1993 several months after his 24th Birthday, prophet Jeremiah Isaiah Wyre first stood behind a pulpit to Preach and Teach the gospel of Christ his stuttering problem was suddenly healed. From that moment he decided that he will fearlessly move forward to Seek and Teach and fulfill our lord’s great commission to teach, heal and win souls over to him.





       Prophet Jeremiah having successfully completed the course of study as prescribed by the faculty and having complied with all other requirements of the Institution, has been granted the Degree of Associate Degree & Certication  in Computer Engineering Technology at Tampa Technical Institute. He also studied Theology at Grace Institute with the late DR. LENNOX H. POWELL .




Home Ministry Experience giving God’s revelation to others.

Praying for Rain

Talking to the Bird on the Window sill giving it specific instructions.




God also demonstrated his power to Prophet Jeremiah at an early age through Visual things such as: an A/C Unit, a Refrigerator, and an Automobile. Because of his strong faith and belief in God he was called to display the special anointing that was placed upon his life. These items were not working for whatever reason and all that the Prophet did was speak directly to the problem.

In 2001 Prophet travelled to his native land of Antigua to Eulogized his Grandmother, and while traveling through the city with his Sister Jacqueline he was hit by a truck, but kept on walking. She testified that right before the incident she was on the opposite side of the Prophet who asked her to switched position, and shortly thereafter the incident occurred.

A prophet received no honor in his own country. While in Antigua he saw the darkness that hoovers over the country and wanted to have a revival to talk to the people, and change the atmosphere. He went to radio ZDK and during the initial interview he made his plans known. Shortly thereafter he was approached by a young man carrying a knife, and because of his Faith and Godly anointing he stood up boldly and prayed for the guy who was delivered immediately.


After that encounter, this young Prophet a chosen vessel of God realize that his life was directed by the Holy Spirit. He now began to understand that his destiny was in God’s hand. He followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and relocated to Florida to pursue his calling. While in Florida he decided to study Computer Technology where he earned an Associate Degree after completing two years of study.

While working at Motorola in Florida, Prophet prophesied to a co-worker who spat in his face, and she received god’s wrath shortly thereafter.

Prophet also Prayed for a Lady who was diagnosed with the Aids Virus, and when she returned to the Doctor to start her treatment they were marveled by her Miraculous Healing and asked her what happened.

While in Africa Prophet Jeremiah was approach by armed robbers who confronted him with guns, while on a positive note several Witch Doctor’s and Voodoo workers surrendered their works of the Devil, and converted themselves over with a pledge of commitment to do God’s will.

When the Prophet visited Jamaica he prophesied to a woman who was married to a witch doctor, she was bound by darkness, and was also restrained in bed by some very strong demonic powers. After her encounter with God’s Prophet in Prayer she received her deliverance.

In the City of New York, Dr. Hopeton had an acute illness that he did not reveal to anyone and was amazed by the Prophets revelation while he was praying for him, thus giving birth to their short but worthwhile friendship.

Currently in New York many of his Radio Ministry Followers gives open testimonies concerning their lives after Prophet Jeremiah reveals the revelation of the Holy Spirit concerning their lives, and the manner in which they were Touched, and Healed Miraculously from their condition.




His life was filled with many challenges in Florida where he gave birth to the former “Heavenly Powers Ministry” and received many criticism from his early peers in church when they couldn’t understand his anointing. Some thought that he was under some strange spell, and  made statement’s that he was a fake because they was not focusing on the fact that he was lead directly by the Spirit of God, and was filled with untouchable powers of the Holy Ghost.

He further demonstrated this unique gift through his open prophecy to one of the church members, when the revelation was manifested by God into her life within seven days of the Prophet’s revealed prophecy.




Over 20 years as a Telecaster, Preacher, Teacher, Prophetic Healer, and Family Restorer.

During his mother’s illness in North Carolina Prophet Prayed, and her Spirit was restored back to life on three separate occasions.


As Follows:

When she was hospitalized and the doctor’s told us that she will not be able to breathe on her own again without the use of an Oxygen Tank.

During her Emergency visit to the Hospital diagnosed with a Heart attack.

When she became paralyzed on her entire right side from a left Brain stroke that took away her ability to speak.

Prophet Jeremiah Prayer and Deliverance Ministry connected him with Prophetess Miriam Parker who was the founder and preacher at the Salisbury Remnant Church Of God. He was invited as the Guest Speaker on her tenth Anniversary to bring Prayer and Deliverance to the members of her church. His dynamic message was so powerful that many souls were delivered during that particular service, including his own mother.






Prophet Jeremiah Isaiah Wyre now in his 10th year of local radio Broadcast Ministry have preached and teach the gospel face to face to more than 10,000 people. Through his Radio Broadcast, Prophetic Miracle Services, and now his exposure to the worldwide Internet Web, this Prophetic man of God straightforward uncompromising message of God’s love has inspired thousands to have their own personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


God’s anointing allowed him to connect to prominent people who have come into his life thus far, for a profound reason, just a short season, and or for a Lifetime. The late Song Writer/Composer Musician Dr. Hopeton Lewis was the person that invited the Prophet to visit his studio in New York, a frienship that made a impact with Double Vision,where he made trustworthy connections to angels that will guide him into his ministerial foundation plans, and encouraged him to plant the seed that God directed him to sew into a new soil to give birth to his ministry. It was also through this man that Prophet was introduced to Sister Angie whose life also changed after encounting Prophet Jeremiah where her life change tremendously.  This revelation from an unknown stranger impacted her life tremendously and because of his power under the anointing. Sister Angie is a great help to the ministry she is caring understanding, she doesn't believe in giving up on God’s work, and is willing to go great lengths to please and help the ministry. She is strong, generous, caring. She almost always has the ability to take what life throws at her and make the best of the situation. She is extremely spiritual and I think she uses that as an anchor; when things are not going well. I have never met a more caring person in my life. two were drawn together and several years later they were joined together in matrimony.



 His now New Internet Website Ministry (MOTWM.COM) Manifestation Of The Word Ministry, for the past two years has provided daily Teaching, Prayer Line outreach Ministering, Exposing and Breaking Spells off of the Demonic Possessed, Healing to the Broken Hearted, and Winning New Souls over to accept Christ.








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